Current Campaign  

Goal $10,000.00

Your donation, no matter how small, will help us make a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of North Korean refugees.

PSCORE is always incredibly grateful for any donation, large or small, to help in our mission. Your donation will help support our education program for North Korean defectors, our public awareness campaigns, and our rescue missions for North Korean refugees trapped in China.

Education Programs

Many North Koreans arrive in the South with a level of education far below that of their peers, particularly in English language skills, which is extremely important in order to find employment. By taking the time to match each student with a volunteer tutor, our program takes the needs of each individual into account and aims to assist them in completing their desired level of education. Our programs include one-on-one tutoring, organized by our education volunteers, weekly group English classes every Wednesday night, where students can come and practice their English together, and cultural activities, to help students adjust to their new life in South Korea. To date, our programs have benefitted more than 900 North Korean students!

Human Rights Awareness :

PSCORE is one of the leading South Korean NGOs addressing the issue of North Korean human rights. Since gaining UNECOSOC Consultative status in 2012, one of our most important missions has been with the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva, participating in their yearly sessions by advocating for the people of North Korea and challenging the false claims made by the DPRK government.

We also work to raise awareness of human rights issues in our day-to-day operations. From April to October, we host weeklong awareness campaigns each month at locations in Seoul and Busan. During these campaigns, we teach the facts of the human rights situation in North Korea, collect signatures for petitions calling for greater recognition of the problem in South Korea, and, above all, try to get people motivated to do something about it. Through our connections with the UN, we have also held campaigns in Geneva and New York City.

The Safe Passage Fund

North Koreans trying to escape through China are not considered to be refugees, but “illegal economic migrants,” and are routinely deported back to North Korea by Chinese police if caught. North Koreans face incredible hardship to escape to countries like Mongolia and Thailand (which grant refugees safe passage to South Korea), and are often hampered by illness or injury obtained in North Korea or during their escape.

Through our Safe Passage Fund, we provide critical help to refugees most in need, who may be unfortunately overlooked by others due to their condition. A typical rescue mission to help a North Korean in China costs around $2,500, though costs can be greater for those in need of urgent medical care. Due to the clandestine nature of their situation and the seriousness of their condition, many who contact us do so without advance notice and need help right away. It’s critical, therefore, for us to have a strong emergency fund ready to provide life-saving support at a moment’s notice.

Our most recent mission helped Ji-Eun, an 18 year–old girl who lost her shoes during her escape attempt and suffered from severe frostbite as a result. Thanks to generous contributions from donors, we managed to bring Ji-Eun safely to South Korea. Your contribution can help many others in Ji-Eun’s position, ensuring they can begin a new life of freedom!

What can your donation do?